translab[4] report
16 dec 2oo4 at 7pm in A4 in Bratislava, Slovakia
        Ľubica Lacinová, geneticist (Institute of Molecular Physiology and
            Genetics at Slovak Academy of Sciences
        Róbert Maco, teacher of philosophy
        Oliver Rehák, musician
        Ondrej Gajdoš
screen 2
        Darren Aronofsky: Pi
accompanied by sound of
        xgz/ Bratislava, 2004
assistance and photo
stage, technical support


evening motif
algorithm and code
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I. intro (Dušan, html, slovak only)
II. etymology (Róbert, html, slovak only)
III. information aesthetics (Dušan a Oliver, html, slovak only)
IV. golden ratio (Dušan, html, slovak only)
V. genetics (Ľubica, powerpoint 7mb, slovak only)
VI. visual aesthetics in early computing (Dušan, heavy html)

screen 2
Darren Aronofsky's Pi, 1998, was screened with english subtitles, with no sound.
computer freak Max believes in the film that the mathematics is the true language of nature, and that every action in the world, no matter how random, is intricately ordered and patterned. the belief drives him into the obsessive search for the 216-digit number supposed to be the code behind the stock market, chaos theory, Kabbalistic "name of God", japanese game Go and the life itself.




accompanied by the sound of
the evening was accompanied by the xgz/ (machine cent'red Humanz)'s record Bratislava, 2004.

rebus has been announced on this evening, take part whoever you are! while searching for the answer make sure to keep the evening motif on mind. reward for the first correct answer is 10 000 pages of text. the rebus is open until the end of translab series. rebus is here, another challenge: partly slovak -).