[*] 2004 Pictures of US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib appears on the number of blogs resulting in the Bush's public defence of Donald Rumsfeld's relevancy on the secretary of defence's position.    


[*] 1999 Big Brother, a reality game show invented by John de Mol and produced by his company Endemol, is shown in Netherlands. In it, 10 "housemates" are confined inside a specially designed house, and not permitted any contact with the outside world: no TV, radio, telephone, internet or other media are available. Contestants try to avoid periodic publicly-voted evictions from a communal house and hence win a cash prize. The show becomes a prime time hit in 19 countries.    


[*] 1974 The Family reality show was made in the UK.  


[*] 2002 The Osbournes reality TV program featuring the domestic life of the Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne, his wife, and three teenage children, is premiered. The show is cited as the most-viewed series ever on MTV.  


[*] 1992 The Real World, a half-hour reality TV series produced by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, is premiered on MTV. The show follows the daily happenings of "seven strangers" who audition to live in a house together. Program doesn't gain widespread notoriety until The Real World: San Francisco, aired in 1994, that includes Pedro Zamora, first gay man with AIDS portrayed in popular media.    


[*] 1973 12 episodes of TV series An American Family, lived by a couple Pat and Bill Loud and their five teenage children in Santa Barbara, California is broadcasted on PBS channel. First reality show ever draws a weekly audience of 10 million. The parents are going through the divorce, and the most viewers are intrigued by 20-year-old Lance, first gay person to come out on television. The producer comments the show as that "they lived as if we were not there."