thursday 10 feb 2005 at 7pm in A4 Bratislava translab[6] takes place. motif: reality show & social software.
translab[1..5] evenings' reports:
[1] 14 oct - simulacra and hyperreality (slovak only)
[2] 3 nov - sampling and open source (slovak only)
[3] 25 nov - virtual reality and game (slovak only)
[4] 16 dec - algorithm and code
[5] 18 jan - noise and glitch (slovak only)

translab intro
in the 90s new media phenomenon experienced rapid popularity acceleration causing high degree of vagueness and flatness. what we are left today is the search for more specific, alternative terms instead.
words are being translated into data, abstracts into keywords, the statements go pragmatical, the cut is accelerating, the paragraphs of text and texts themselves are shortening.
translab maps the possibilities emerging from the technological culture (hardware, software), trends in science (genetic engineering, artifical intelligence, biotechnologies), and in distribution of information (internet, interface, digital photography and video).
the project focuses on new media environment phenomena (such as simulation, copy&paste, open source, interface, algorithm, glitch, or social software) and places them to face the mirror of history of art, music, film, literature, sociology, philosophy, and science.
as the tool, microstory is used - text unit of a paragraph, summing up the context, form, and content of particular work, event, or theory. in its selection the level of originality, media response and spectator's shock is taken into account.
translab evenings oscillate on the border of presentation, coffee talk and show. experiment with the institution of moderator, guest and audience.
output of the project - website and paper publication with CD - aims at being the useful tool for students, theoreticians and artists in their new media environment navigation.
translab freely follows up the text published under the title 6. pomo exhibition of history of the now. astral show in a rear mirror. collective synchronization. bits & pieces of mausoleum of the present. words implosion. the past in a coma. god in a home stretch. pope has a mobile too. humanity? experiment successful. 4. 3. 2. 1. in 3/4 revue #16, september 2004, and is part of New Media Literature Anthology, that is to be published by BURUNDI press.
New Media Literature Anthology and Translab are supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovak republic.

Translab is crossdisciplinary collaborative research project studying new media keywords by microstories.


Keywords are selected as to reflect the current tendencies of the new media environment in an intimate linkage to the border of art, social studies, politics and science, such as remix, simulacra, realtime, algorithm.
Microstory is a summary of the media event narrative, such as art object, product, performance, theory.


Relevant categories: postmodern philosophy; new media and culture studies; contemporary arts; information systems; sociology; cognitive science; memetics; genetics.
Relevant thinkers: Marshall McLuhan; Jean Baudrillard; Paul Virilio; Jean-Francois Lyotard; Jacques Derrida; DJ Spooky; Roland Barthes.


Microstory is 1-4-sentence non-narrative description/summary of the narrative (object/event/concept) that took part in the past and is highly relevant to the keyword. Relevancy include significant media/public response (boom, scandal, high quotation rate). For example concept of Matrix The Movie is highly relevant to the virtual reality keyword.
Author(s), date, title and brief summary data are required for each microstory.