open source audio tools: free software for free sound
derek holzer []
2903-01042004, media7 development, Bratislava
There are many programs for sound and multimedia production, but few of them can really be customized by the user. Fewer still are free to download, use and share. Free and open source software provides a real alternative to expensive commercial software and professional gear. This workshop will cover the free software philosophy, Linux audio basics, sound recording and editing techniques, and how to program your own music tools using Pure-Data. Participants will use these programs to transform sounds of voices, instruments and recordings in real time, while at the same time learning how the computer makes this possible.

performance: resonancity Bratislava
derek holzer []

02042004, BURUNDI, Bratislava
In our everyday lives, there are many sounds which slip past our notice simply because they are too small, or because we lack the proper receivers to pick them up. 'resonancity' is an ongoing project to gather these microscopic sounds from various cities, and to amplify and transform them. The goal is to build a new city of sound inside the old one, and to inspire curiosity and exploration of one's own environment.
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bio: Derek Holzer (NL)
Sound and Radio Artist

Holzer [USA 1972] is a sound and radio artist with a background in free radio, and streaming media technologies. He was involved with some of the first experiments in Hungary (Pararadio) and Czech Republic (Radio Jeleni). He has also worked with Re-lab, a group in Latvia who gradually shifted their focus towards broader issues of 'acoustic spaces' and networked audio communications. In August 2001, Derek participated in the Acoustic Space Lab, which brought together an international team of 30 sound artists, community radio activists, and scientists to experiment with a 32 meter antenna, recording sounds and data from planets, communication satellites and the surrounding environment. Recently, his work has focused on capturing and transforming small, unnoticed
sounds from various natural and urban locations [Karosta Project, w/Sara Kolster], and on the electromagnetic resonances in our everyday environment [OZONE Project, w/ Bas van Koolwijk], as well as the use of free software such as Pure-Data.

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