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The convergence of the new media gallery, cinema and presentation space.



Two more weeks Miroslav Karić from Belgrade will be visiting us + working here. Miroslav works for REMONT (sth like BURUNDI) and he is a curator and writes for magazine Remont. If you feel like meeting and talking to him or maybe even show him your art do not hesitate and come. But before you do that call 0905 360 662 or e-mail at press@burundi.sk to set up the date.
added by man on Tu 24 may 10.20am
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Hi, we have here for few weeks guest from Great Britain, artist and curator Anthony Auerbach. Next weekend he will present his project Video as Urban Condition in authentic environment of the V-club bar in the same building like our space Burundi/A4 zero space. If you are interested to bring your videos to Video-Cafe, to present your works to Anthony or just to meet him, show him something from the city and talk, write to us at look@burundi.sk or straight to Anthony (http://www.vargas.org.uk/contact) Many thanks to British Council for help...
added by marisa on Fr 04 mar 03.22pm
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from October we screen in BURUNDI displej again, every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (exclusive days when are special events), during these days also mediatheque of BURUNDi datalab will be open - all from 5 to 7.55 pm...
who is interested to study in datalab in other days, write to mariša or čučo and we can let you in when we will be here - datalab@burundi.sk, infoanarchitekt@burundi.sk
added by marisa on Fr 24 sep 06.41pm
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we started screenings in BURUNDI displej every week on wednesday, thursday and friday from 4 pm till 7.55 pm you can come and see exhibition of sceen based artworks (4-6 pm) and 'broadcasting' of so-called Community TV (6-7.55 pm)
exhibitions are prepared by displej curator (curator for april-june Aneta Mona Chisa [RO-SK-CZ])
Community TV program consists of movies, documentaries, slideshows, presentations etc. - materials are provided by displej curator, BURUNDI archives and by you, because YOU CAN ALSO CREATE BURUNDI displej PROGRAM, if you will bring or send to us your materials: videos, movies or sets of interesting documentary photos which you shoot and nobody will see them anymore if you don't bring them to BURUNDI displej... it can be also presentation of your artwork Community TV is open...
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